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How to trace an email

Just like servers identify themselves through HTTP headers, emails include certain headers too. These headers include information about the sender and the path the email took to it's destination.
However, the headers does not include any personal information, in best case you can get the IP Address from where it was sent.
If you are lucky you could get some information about this IP by entering it in the search box to the left.

So, how do you read the email headers?
Well, this depends on which email client you use. We'll take a few examples.


Open the email, click the small down arrow in the right corner and choose 'Show original'. You should now be able to see all header information listed before the email body.

Windows Live Mail (Hotmail)

Right click the email, choose Properties and then Details.


Right click the email and then choose View Full Headers.


Choose Action > View message source

Microsoft Outlook

Right click the email in the inbox and choose Message options. The headers are displayed in the bottom window.

The IP you are looking for will probably the first one mentioned, as that is the originating IP. The other IP numbers are the computers the email passed on it's way to it's destination.

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